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Shikkara boat is a traditional roof topped cooling motorized boat with its seating systems on board. It has various setting system close view to the great Kerala backwaters. These boats are more interesting from the other boats, which can carry the passenger to the narrow canals, where the big boats cannot go and the village quarters besides the rivers and the banks. However all the sides are open and there are luxurious reclining seats. It is just a miniature form of houseboat varies in the seating system. These boats are called sightseeing boats based on hourly basis tours .It allows a close watch through the backwaters of Alappuzha .Even when the temperature is high, the journey on a shikkara through the backwaters is relaxing as you sail in the natural breeze is cool move. You can really enjoy your superb ride on a shikkara through the narrow deep canals which is not possible in a houseboat ride. Shikkara on the lake serves a economical cruise through the great Kerala backwaters.
A shikara offers a seating capacity of four to twelve people. The main attractions of a shikkara boat ride are the shallow and narrow canals in the lake vembanad, Kuttanad,the famous Kuttanad Toddy, mouthwatering lunch on the outskirts of the lake with fresh lake fish and variety of other dishes. Riding on a shikkara boat in the evening for the relaxed sunset cruise will be a tranquilizing experience; the soothing breeze lulls u to a short nap in the middle of the lake. You will experience really a peaceful atmosphere makes you away from all the strains and stress.
You can fix your time slot before the tour of your backwater journey at any time by calling or mailing us. It is advisable to start early in the morning, when you can enjoy the sunrise, the chirping sound of various birds, the ripples lapping rhythm of the lake waters, the cool breeze in the early morning and so on. When you drive beside the paddy fields cultivated below the sea level makes you more fascinating on your backwater trip.
You can have a close watch to the rustic lifestyle of the villagers. The people who live on the outskirts of Alappuzha depend mainly on coir industry as their main means of livelihood. The people of Alappuzha have a rich legacy in coir handicraft. Through your ride in a shikkara you can observe very closely their culture and tradition.
You can understand the special freedom on the way of backwaters to get lost in the nature, while the time of sunset on the backwater makes you more enchanting and so memorable. You can call us to decide the start and end your cruise timings, It is not only less expensive than a houseboat ride, but helps you to explore the areas inaccessible than you opt a houseboat.
We assure your mind will totally get refreshed and rejuvenated after your ride on a shikkara boat .This will be one of the memorable moments you will cherish for your lifetime.

Why a Shikara than a houseboat?
It can go through the narrow canals and explore the rustic life of the villagers living on the outskirts.
Saving Money & time on fewer Budgets
Cruises vary according to your time & budget
Creates less pollution (Coz it runs by petrol engines).
Easily accessible and less expensive comparing a Houseboat cost.
More places can be explored within a short time
One can start and end the cruise at anytime they wish

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Important Places in Kerala

We at Alleppey Shikara tours (Kalyani Boat Service) offer you variety of tours around the backwater regions with various time limits and the customer’s budget.

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Munnar is one of the famous tourist place in kerala. Munnar is also called the Kashmir of South India. Neelakurinji is the main attraction of Munnar. It is a popular honeymoon destination.

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Athirapally Vazhachal

Athirappally is Kerala’s most famous and largest waterfall.Its surrounding greenery is perfect for walks and picnics with loved ones.Athirappally-vazhachal is one of the main shooting location for malayalam film industry

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Wayanad has become a much beloved tourist destination with its natural beauty.As the green rolling hills, Wayanad’s lakes, waterfalls and mountain streams make wayand for ideal picnic spots.

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The jadayupara is really one of the most innovative and beautiful architectural monument in the history of kerala. The huge rock near Chadayamangalam Junction has connections to the stories in the Hindu Indian epic called the Ramayana.

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Kovalam is famous beach situated at Thiruvanathapuram in Kerala.There are a large number of beach resorts in and around Kovalam. It is the most prominent tourist spots in India from the hippy era.



Kochi is the most visited tourist place in India.The visitors of Kochi is both domestic and international tourists.Marine Drive,Fort kochi,Hill palace,backwaters ,mattancheri palce,jewish synagogue etc are some of the attractions.

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